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Apa itu Ultra Permissions 5.5.6 ?

Ultra Permission adalah salah satu plugins yang membantu developer server Minecraft untuk mengatur dan membuat group yang berisikan Permissions seperti Rank dengan fasilitas menggunakan GUI yang menpermudah untuk mengkonfigurasi.

Screenshot Ultra Permissions

Fitur Ultra Permissions

  • Permission Suggestions : Conveniently suggests permissions based on installed plugins
  • Network Support : Supports BungeeCord permissions & syncs data with MySQL across all servers
  • Chat Manager : Offers an optional built-in Chat Manager for basic formatting
  • Temporary Permissions : Add Permissions or Ranks to players only for a specific amount of time
  • Scoping : Add Groups or Permissions only for specific worlds or servers
  • Commands : Can be fully controlled with commands
  • Permission Log : View the Permission Log to find missing Permissions from recent checks
  • Multilingual Support : So far, we have 12 languages supported and more can be added if needed
  • Per Player Prefixn/Suffix : You can create a prefix or suffix for a specific player without the need of a group.
  • Offline Users : No need to wait for a user to be online, if they joined before, you can modify their Permissions or Ranks
  • HEX & Gradient support : HEXCODE support and Gradient support while formatting the chat format and the prefix. 


Gradient: {#RRGGBB>}Prefix{#RRGGBB<}

Command and Permissions Ultra Permissions

 /promote command - ultrapermissions.commands.promote

/demote command - ultrapermissions.commands.demote

Other Command use Permissions SuperAdmin

Admin Commands

  • /uperms  (To open the Administrative GUI)
  • /upc AddSuperAdmin <User> - (Gives the user SuperAdmin access)
  • /upc RemoveSuperAdmin <User> -  (Removes someone as a SuperAdmin)
  • /upc PurgeSuperAdmins - (Removes all SuperAdmins from UltraPermission.)

Group Commands

  • /upc AddGroup <User> <Group> [World|Server] [+|-][Time] - (Add a group to a user with optional use of operators,{+ = Add, - = Reduce} to add more time or reduce the time.)
  • /upc AddGroupPermission <Group> <Permission> [World|Server] [+|-][Time] - Add a permission to a group with optional use of operators,
  • {+ = Add, - = Reduce} to add more time or reduce the time.)
  • /upc RemoveGroup <User> <Group> - (Removes a group from a player)
  • /promote <User> <Path> - (Promotes the user to the next role in the path)
  • /demote <User> <Path> - (Demotes the user to the previous role in the path)
  • /upc CreateGroup <groupName> [Server] - (Creates a group)
  • /upc DeleteGroup <Group> - (Delete a group)
  • /upc SetGroups <User> <Groups> - (Sets the groups of a player)
  • /upc setGroupPriority <Group> <Priority> - (Set a groups priority)
  • /upc SetGroupPrefix <Group> <Prefix> - (Set a groups prefix)
  • /upc SetGroupSuffix <Group> <Suffix> - (Set a groups suffix)
  • /upc RestrictGroupToWorld <Group> <World> - (Restrict a group to a single world)
  • /upc RemoveGroupPermission <Group> <Permission> - (Removes a permission from a group)
  • /upc CopyGroup <Group> <copyGroupName> - (Copy a group)
  • /upc PurgeGroup <Group> - (Removes all members of the group)
  • /upc PurgeGroupPermission <Group> - (Removes all permissions from the group)
  • /upc PurgePlayerGroups <User> - (Removes all groups from the player)

 User Commands

  • /upc AddPlayerPermission <User> [-]<Permission> [World|Server] [+|-][Time] - (Adds a permission to a player {The - makes the permission negative} and with optional use of Operators {+ = Add, - = Reduce} to add more time or reduce the time.)
  • /upc RemovePlayerPermission <User> <Permission> - (Removes a permission from a player)
  • /upc SetPlayerPrefix <User> <Prefix> - (Sets a player's prefix)
  • /upc SetPlayerSuffix <User> <Suffix> - (Sets a player's suffix)
  • /upc registerUser <UUID> <PlayerName> <AssignDefaultGroup> - (Manually registers a new account based on the provided UUID)
  • /upc DeleteUser <User> - (Delete a user)
  • /upc PurgePlayerPermission <Permission> - (Removes the permission from all players)
  • /upc PurgeAllPlayerPermissions <User> - (Removes all permissions from the player)

Transfer Commands

  • /upc Transfer <File|MySQL> <File|MySQL> (Transfers storage to either MySQL or File)
  • /upc TransferAccount <All|Groups|Permissions> <Append|Overwrite> <From> <To> (Transferes the selected data from user <From> to user <To>. Append will append the new incoming datas on the existing one datas of the <To> user. Overwrite will remove all existing datas and add the new incoming datas.)


  • <> = Required
  • [] = Optional
  • | = Or

Download Free Premium Plugins Ultra Permissions

Link : Download
Size : 2.2 MB

Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.8 - 1.20

Languages Supported:

  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Taiwan

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