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Apa itu SkyWars ?

Skywars adalah permainan yang memperebutkan kemenangan dalam peperangan di pulau-pulau kecil yang berada diatas awan. Para pemain dapat membuat tim dengan teman mereka atau solo.

Apa itu SkyWars X ?

SkyWars X adalah Plugin minigame SkyWars yang populer dalam game Minecraft, Buka kunci perlengkapan, sangkar, dan jalur baru dengan membelinya dari toko gui yang mengagumkan, atau melalui kotak misteri. Naikkan peringkat dan raih reward saat menjadi lebih kuat. Buat pesta dan bermainlah dengan teman-teman sebagai sebuah tim. Saksikan permainan saat mati dan tertawakan penampilan teman. Kembalikan semua kesedihan yang disebabkan oleh pemain dan sesuaikan plugin sesuai keinginan! Semua dengan efisiensi maksimum.

Fitur SkyWars X

  • Create as many arenas as you want. And you can have them in the same world
  • Fully independent! can run by itself. You don't even need multiverse! and it can work with other minigames and plugins, such as factions.
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit support! Arenas can instantly restore using FAWE
  • Arenas can be solo, or could be teams of 2,3,4,5, anything
  • Bungee Mode Support, which makes the plugin take over the server and force players to join. If the server has only 1 arena and bungee mode is enabled players will be forced to join that arena and the server updates the MOTD according to the game state and restarts when the game ends
  • Events! Such as TNT Rain and Random teleport! And you can register your own via the API!
  • Spectate on death! or join an active game to spectate it
  • Abilities! give your players a unique experience with awesome special abilities!
  • Ranked mode! players can play regular matches or ranked mode with ELO.
  • Winning celebrations
  • Built-in coins system, but it can also use vault economy
  • You can add items from any plugin with any data! Chest items are defined through a GUI (Supports NBT)
  • Anti combat log system
  • Titles and Action bar!
  • Create your own Chests configuration, and make specific chests use that chest configuration (You can create an infinite amount of chest tiers, and set whatever chest you like to use that tier)
  • Leaderboards! Create signs that will display top players from many many different stats, and you also can display their skull above these signs, you can also create a holographic leaderboard through HolographicDisplays
  • You can vote for Health and Time, Events, and Chests!
  • Bounties! Players can set bounties on each other to make others target them
  • Killstreaks! You can run your own commands on players once they reach a certain killstreak
  • Can be used as a survivalgames plugin, or other similar minigame
  • Boosters! Give players a motive to play more at certain times
  • Fireworks ending, with an option to give winners a map and also to display your custom images on that map
  • Achievements! track player stats and award them with your custom prizes.
  • Clickable chat messages! like 'Play again' message that players can click to directly join and play another match
  • Create your own kits, cages, trails, and specify their rarity, cost, name, content, and whether they require a permission or not!
  • Animated scoreboard title! (Optional)
  • Built-in world management commands! import/create/delete/teleport/list worlds without the need of other plugins. you can even backup worlds and restore them!
  • Supports UUID and normal names as well
  • Works with MySQL or without!
  • Save so many player stats! starting from kills, coins, wins, deaths, modifier, and such, and ending with blocks placed, blocks broken, items crafted, items enchanted, and many more!
  • Customize most of the text that appears to players, such as messages or scoreboard text or even signs text. The lobby scoreboard is completely customizable (The order of lines and type of information displayed)
  • Autojoin command that will put the players in the best available arena
  • Cool signs and scoreboards that show the arena state and players count
  • PlaceholderAPI Support and MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support
  • Mystery Box! You can unlock random items for a low cost with a very cool animation.
  • Ranking system! you can run custom commands when a player reaches a certain rank
  • Built in broadcaster, so you can display your tips and tricks or advertise your website
  • Separate chats! People in different arenas have their own chat
  • HEX color support
  • Create parties and invite players and manage all party settings through an amazing gui! Parties FULLY use GUI's without a single command. You can also use the party chat feature if the message starts with an exclamation mark
  • GUI's that you can scroll through, this allows to display large amount of items in a single inventory
  • Create holographic stats and leaderboard!
  • 22 default kit, 51 default cage, 50 default trail, 53 default achievements!
  • Epic Free Configuration available!

Command And Permission SkyWars X

Command -> Permission
  • /Skywars | /SW -> None
  • /Skywars join -> None
  • /Skywars leave -> None
  • /Skywars autojoin -> None
  • /Skywars gui -> None
  • /Skywars selectitem -> None
  • /Skywars list -> None
  • /Skywars admin -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars setlobby -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars wand -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars create -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars delete -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars addspawn -> skywars.adminadmin
  • /Skywars removespawn -> skywars.removespawn
  • /Skywars start -> skywars.start
  • /Skywars stop -> skywars.stop
  • /Skywars enable -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars disable -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars setspectators -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars stats -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars addbooster -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars setmodifier -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars inventory -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars holograms -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars reset -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars edit -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars editmode -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars reload -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars updatereigon -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars chestmanager -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars worldmanager | wm -> skywars.admin
  • /Skywars parseitem -> skywars.admin

Download SkyWars X Gratis

Download SkyWars X 9.9.3

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